We are a full-service Law Firm founded with the purpose of providing best in class, diversified and strategic legal solutions to our clients across various sectors.

We provide suitable legal solutions for matters concerning individuals and establishments, domestic as well as multinational. We aim at a solution-oriented approach to all kinds of legal issues. We believe in partnering with our clients for resolving their challenges.

We adopt a multi-disciplinary approach to the challenges of our clients, which enables us to devise effective case-specific solutions for our clients. We are committed to identifying the needs of the clients, providing in-depth research, and giving the best solutions to the challenges faced by our clients by ensuring quality, efficiency and consistency in work and services.

We believe in providing end-to-end solutions to our clients, having expertise, comprehensive knowledge in law as well as other jurisdictions. Our strong network and collaborations with lawyers from other jurisdictions enable us to provide the best and efficient legal solutions even in other jurisdictions and forums of law. We strive continually towards personalized professionalism, client-centric approach, intellectual growth, and protection of our client’s interest.

Living in a global village and being in the technology-driven era we have adopted and employ the latest technology to increase the efficiency of our team, stay updated with the latest decisions and global incidents, do and know case studies, bridge the gap between us and our clients and provide efficient solutions overcoming the geographical barriers. Access to justice is a sacrosanct right of the people. With this belief as our commitment to society we strive to provide legal support and conduct matters on a pro-bono basis for our charity clients.



Lex Credence endeavors to be a leading global law firm delivering reliable legal solutions and requirement specific assistance to its clients’ across various branches of law and for newly opened markets. We strive to be the firm of choice for the people to be part of our team, realize their talent, and continue to groom them to be the best in the sector.


Lex Credence assumes responsibility to provide effective, strategic, and comprehensive legal solutions to our clients across all sectors through a multidimensional approach and in a hassle-free, efficient, ethical, confidential and committed manner. At Lex Credence, we take time to listen to and understand our clients’ concerns, strive to locate the exact issue our client is facing and help our client to overcome it together by devising a custom made strategic solution which meets our clients’ needs.



Client First

We believe that our client always comes first and we overcome challenges hand-in-hand with our clients.

Teamwork & Collaboration

We believe that combined individual contributions will develop better synergies to deliver legal solutions efficiently and effectively.


We practice the highest moral and ethical values to maintain integrity in all our assignments.

Privacy & Confidentiality

We believe in maintaining the utmost privacy and confidentiality about the details of our clients and their assignments.


We believe that individual and institutional success lies only in striving for excellence.


We believe that with the use of technology we can achieve efficiency, effective communications and better client experience.


We maintain the highest level of transparency and clarity in the assignments we handle to ensure smooth and effective communication.


We believe in maintaining an attitude of liveliness and eagerness to work on every assignment that we undertake.