At Lex Credence, we take great care of protecting your personal, assignment specific, and sensitive data [“Information”] and adopt measures that the Information is not unauthorisedly accessed or disseminated. However, kindly beware of scams and frauds, which may be caused to extract Information from you under the name of Firm.

Remember we DO NOT

  • Generally, inform about the change of our bank account or change of details for online payments to be made to us.
  • Request you to make payments to any account other than the details of which are communicated to you through our official documents.
  • Ask for Information otherwise required for your assignment.
  • Ask for your financial, bank account, and bank account operation related details.
  • Send emails promoting any brand or entity.
  • Make a request for urgent money transfer to us.
  • Send emails with links for taking any action by clicking on such links.

Scam or Fraud and Reporting Incidents

As part of any scam or fraud, you may receive false emails, invoices, links, attachments, communications, etc. [“Fraudulent Communications”] which may appear to have been sent by the Firm. For your safety, if you believe Fraudulent Communications to be suspicious then you can verify the authenticity thereof by contacting the Firm directly. Upon verification of the authenticity of Fraudulent Communications, you may proceed at your discretion. Neither the firm nor its lawyers or employees can accept any responsibility for the conduct of a third party claiming to use the Firm’s name. If any Fraudulent Communication is found to be a part of any scam or fraud then necessary action will be taken and the incidence will be reported to the competent authorities.