Globalization opened the floodgates of opportunities and with it also various complex challenges. With the rising disputes and complications in relation to them it has become need of the hour to get an effective and innovative solution for resolving the disputes. 

We believe that pre-litigation mechanism like mediation, conciliation, negotiations and arbitration or combination of any of them should be more preferred options to resolve disputes of our clients across varied sectors. We motivate our clients to adopt any one or combination of such mechanisms. We identify and advise on most complex and intricate issues pertaining to a dispute and provide an in depth, multidimensional and neutral analysis of the dispute to our clients and assist them to take appropriate decision. We represent our clients in negotiations, mediations and conciliation proceedings and assist them to devise appropriate terms for resolving the dispute. We also represent our clients in arbitration proceedings and assist them to choose arbitrators, resolve their dispute in accordance with rules of major arbitration institutions and legal framework. We also provide assistance in execution of arbitration award.