The Co-operative movement has gained a lot of importance on International, National and State level due to its benefits and principle of inclusion of the stakeholders at the grassroot level. The benefits of the co-operative principles promoted and inspired Governments across the globe to enact special legislations based on the co-operative principles. Various industries, businesses, association of flat purchasers and sectors like agricultural sectors, dairy sector, sugar production sector, banking sector, etc. have adopted this model and have proven to be very profitable and/or successful. With the benefits, there are also myriad challenges posed by the functioning of this sector to its various stakeholders. We provide end to end legal solutions to the stakeholders in the co-operative sector. We provide legal advice to financial institutions, borrowers, societies, housing societies, members, election candidates and provide legal advice on regulatory and compliance aspects of the legal framework and represent clients before the Authorities constituted under the law and Co-operative Court and Appellate Tribunals.